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ContactTransfer your businessAvailable businessServicesNewsAbout usIndex
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We have received your request. We are going to study it and we will contact you shortly.
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Traspaso de negocios en Alicante

About us
We are a company with long experience in consulting and advice for entities. Specialized in the transfer of business, our job is to support businesses to get the best output for your company.

We have a wide catalog of companies, businesses, projects and premises for sale where you can surely find a transfer with which to direct your future business.

If you are thinking of selling your company, shop, business, project or location, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you with all the procedures and we will help you to materialize your sale as soon as possible.

Transfer your business
You can rest easy, we will manage the sale or transfer of your business in the most efficient way. We will make a sales report for you, we will achieve with this reduce the sales times of your business and we will help you to obtain your profitability as soon as possible.
Buy a profitable business
We have a wide catalog of companies and businesses available to put into operation immediately. We will inform you of your current status and we will advise you so that it starts to be profitable in the short term.
Create your own business
If you are thinking about opening your own business, you are in the right place. In Inversale we provide you with all the information to guide your future business with criteria. We will inform you of the procedures that you must perform in order for your company to advance and grow as quickly as possible.

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More services
Drafting contracts
At Inversale Consultores we draft contracts adapting them to your specific needs. Whether you prefer a personalized wording collecting special conditions or clauses, or standardized contract models.
Certificates processing
We carry out opening licenses and activity projects (innocuous and qualified licenses), segregation of premises and warehouses, electrical projects, energy efficiency certificates, etc ...
We create customized web pages and online marketing campaigns, driving traffic to your website, creating positioning and real visits. We also have a team of graphic design experts in creating brand logos and printing posters, cards, flyers etc ...

Transfer business
I agree with the Privacy polivy de privacidad of
Fill in the following fields that detail your business. We will receive the request and we will contact you shortly to confirm your information and complete the publication of your transfer.

Send request
We have received your request. We are going to study it and we will contact you shortly.

Guidance provided by specialists: the knowledge of the professionals who provide the consulting services are solid and allow to efficiently handle all the resources that are in possession of the business. Resorting to experts in the subject to be treated provides the guarantee of being in good hands.
Have support for eventualities: in most cases there is a very close relationship between the consulting firm and its client. Solid links are established between them so that, when some type of incident arises, the support provided will be complete and decisive due to the great involvement of the professionals and the commitment that is acquired.
Having a network of contacts: a consulting company maintains relationships with professionals from different sectors, so having a network of contacts so close allows you to benefit from many opportunities in the environment and with a reduction in costs.
Business optimization: having different consulting services means that the business is optimized at all times. The objective of the consulting companies is to achieve the improvement of productivity by investing the minimum.
Sensation of security and reliability: having at your disposal a staff of expert consultants who ensure the proper functioning of the business through the consulting services provided gives security to customers. The guidance and advice they have make their confidence grow.
Personal attention
Personalized attention: there is no generic formula to achieve the path of growth and the economic bonanza, each company has its specific characteristics, so personalized attention will always provide the best results.

Available business
Reference :
Licence : Restaurante
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1700 € / mes
Reference :
Licence : Cafeteria bar
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139000 €
Reference :
Licence : Pasteleria
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44900 €
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Our customers say

Luís Serrano. CEO.
"Excellent treatment received by the entire team, totally recommended for people who want to start new projects"
Carlos Ballester. CEO
"Very personal and qualified attention.whether you want to transfer your business or start a new one"
Diego Bru. CEO
"Inversale works. Proof of this is that all the projects I have put in their hands have been well managed and have had a satisfactory development."
Roberto Darbonnens. CEO
660 519 358
Estamos en C/ Rambla Méndez Núñez 44, 1ºA, 03002 Alicante
Atención al cliente de L-V de 10:00 a 19:00h facebook email
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